Why I am Blogging

Well, here we go… The first blog. Where it all begins (maybe where it all ends, who knows?!). I’ll try and keep this first one short…

So why am I doing it? Does anyone care what I have to say? Do I even care what I have to say? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s not really the point. I’m doing this for me more than anything, to help get out the plethora of thoughts I often have running through my mind at any one time and hopefully help to make sense of all the confusion they often bring along with them.

When searching across the black hole which is the internet, you’ll find a whole universe of blogs out there; some reviewing the media world, others taking an activist stance on political matters of the planet, a few on travelling, and LOTS talking about nutrition and recipes for good health. Whilst the subject matter is in many cases very diverse from one blog to another, the fundamental driving force behind every one tends still to remain the same – people attempting to spread the word about an element of the world or themselves which they are passionate about. And it’s the same story here.

Mental health and the power of both physical and environmental drivers on our wellbeing is a topic which sits incredibly close to my heart. My blog is therefore mainly intended as a platform for posting thoughts, ideas and strategies on wellness, as well as an attempt at me navigating and generally trying to make sense of this modern hedonistic world we live in which can often leave us feeling hollow and miffed.

Given that I am a neuroscience postgrad, some may be confused with the emphasis I will be giving to external, environmental factors in many of my blog posts. Yes, I may be a neuroscientist, but I am far from deterministic. Brain causes behaviour, but also behaviour causes brain. “Eh?” you say? Well… the circuitry within our neural-network is incredibly plastic (mouldable), and our environment and how we interact with it has a profound effect on these connections, our gene expression, and ultimately on our wellness. My aim is therefore not only to understand the fundamentals of the brain, but also the external factors such as diet, exercise, connections with other human beings, and even the words that we use, on wellness outcomes. What I manage to find or learn from in this pursuit, I will share here, if not for anybody elses sake, my own.


Here we go….

Jo x

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