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Mental Health



You don’t have to be a science nerd or be reading lengthy jargon filled articles to keep up to date with the world of neuroscience, there are some really accessible books, episodes and podcasts out there to get you started on the basics of the brain. Here are some of my favourites:


  • The Brain: The Story of You. By David Eagleman (2015)
    This was also a series on the BBC back in 2015 which I stumbled across before reading the book. This guy is an absolute genius and like all of his work, has produced something completely relatable and thought provoking in an easily digestible manner.
  • The Little Book of Big Stuff About the Brain. By Andrew Curran.
    I was actually at a Neuropsychology conference back in 2011 where Dr Curran plugged this book whilst providing his presentation on the developing brain. He was such an engaging speaker that I thought I’d give it a go. The book did NOT disappoint and is a fantastic intro into the basic wiring and functioning of the brain for any novice to grasp.


Career Information

  • The Bitish Psychological Society
    Great for tips on accredited Universities, pathways into different areas of Psychology and all round good clinical practice.

  • The Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience (IoPPN)
    The IoPPN is world renowned for its education and research in neuroscience and mental health. Their site is a great pit-stop for course browsing, volunteer opportunities, and the latest research publications in this area.

  • The Clearing House for Post Graduate Courses in Clinical Psychology
    For those looking to take a route into Clinical Psychology, this site is an absolute must. Not only is it the place where you will be expected to submit your application for a doctorate training position in clinical Psychology but it also provides a wealth of information on work experience requirements, institutions and their application processes, and work post opportunities. Believe me when I tell you that competition for places on Clinical Psychology Doctorates is absolutely fierce and it is paramount that you remain as knowledgeable and up to date in this area of work as possible.

  • The Priory Group
    For those looking for clinical work experience in the realms of mental health, The Priory Group website is a fantastic place to start. You can even sign up for regular updates on available posts. This is where it all began for me and my clinical experience!

  • The NHS Jobs Site
    Again, if you’re looking to move into clinical work, you MUST demonstrate some experience in a clinical setting, and even better if you can demonstrate your knowledge of working within the NHS. From Healthcare Assistant to Assistant Psychologist, you can find relevant posts around the county here.